Top Ten Tips for Getting Your Home Sale Ready

July 20, 2021

1. Speak to an agent as far in advance as you can. A good agent will offer suggestions to increase the value and salability of your home.

2. Attend local open homes, especially if the home is like yours. What did and didn’t look good in that home, what can you mimic in your own home?

3. De-clutter as much as you can. Too much stuff make spaces feel small and hard for buyers to see themselves or their own things in those spaces.

4. Consider redecorating to add light to dark spaces. Use mirrors and consider changing window dressings to allow more light in, or to show off a good view.

5. Use sheer blinds or curtains which allow light in when drawn together to lessen the affect of a bad view.

6. Professional home staging can make a massive difference to the price you achieve.

7. What could you put into storage ahead of moving home to make it look bigger. If your home is empty it is worth putting some furniture in. Buyers find it easier to judge room sizes with some furnishings in place.

8. Buyers look in cupboards – so don’t hide your clutter, toys or anything embarrassing in them.

9. Think about what made you buy your home. Share this information with your sales agent. This can help identifying your potential buyer demographic.

10. Kerb appeal – take a critical look at the front of your home. What can you do to make it look better?

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