About Us? – No it is actually about you!

We understand the thought of selling  or leasing a home can feel overwhelming, even exhausting at times. 

With so many decisions to make, lots of moving parts, and a market that’s always changing, it’s easy to worry about whether or not you’ll get what you want and if you have the right agent to deliver. 

That is why we are obsessed about creating a real estate experience that helps you sell or lease your home — without the stress or hassle.

Our core strengths that will help you achieve your goals


Selling can take time, be it due to preparation, your own time scales or the market place.  No matter how long it takes we will be with you until you are happy.  We’re here to serve you, not push you into a sale or timescale that doesn’t work for you.

Communication – starts with empathy

Everything begins with us listening and empathising with your needs and goals. You can expect constant updates, clear answers, transparent feedback and an agent that genuinely wants to help.


This gets over promised and underdelivered so much these days, real service comes when the provider listens, empathises and is one of life’s natural givers – those people that can’t help but help and where going that little bit further than expected is in their psyche. We believe that when you are genuinely passionate about your clients needs and outcomes it shines in the service and testimonials.


Albert Einstien wrote
“The only source of knowledge is experience”
Because we have been sellers, buyers, landlords and tenants we can put ourselves in your shoes, and we can also share our experiences and give you the benefit of our own hindsight, lessons and successes.

Still want to know more about us?

Green & Co is the passion of Rebecca Hill who prides herself on being down to earth, empathetic and approachable. After 25 years in Property sales and management she understands if you are having to move for sad reasons, or if the move is a huge lifestyle change and you need a warm hug kind of service instead of someone who is only motivated by their commission. 

Rebecca wants the experience you have with Green & Co to be the antithesis of the worst types of agents out there and prove that there are people in the Real Estate industry because they have a passion for property, people and genuine care for Landlords, sellers, buyers and tenants.

From the inception of the business Rebecca wanted to grow sustainably, reducing environmental costs by using social media and online services to reduce landfill. She has sourced marketing boards that can be re-used and avoids stuffing letterboxes with endless flyers people just throw away.
woman wearing blue sitting on sofa and smiling holding a book
We want to put the REAL back into Real Estate.

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Interested in our services?
Please click the button below to share your details and we will get in touch.

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