Rental Lease Only

If you are comfortable managing your own tenancy we can offer a Rental Lease Only Package. 

This includes website advertising, open for inspections, tenant checks and the lease documentation to include the Entry Report. 

We can provide an Exit Report at the end of the lease for an hourly rate, or should you be re-leasing again with Green & Co we can include that within the rental lease only package. 

Please contact us for an appraisal and bespoke quote for this service.

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Recent News

July 22, 2021
Tips for Avoiding Disputes at the End of a Tenancy

Getting things right at the beginning is the biggest factor in having a smoother end to the tenancy for all parties. One of the most important elements of a new tenancy is the Entry Condition Report. This report needs to be detailed and accurate, accompanied by date stamped photographs and must be provided to the […]

July 20, 2021
National Tree Day

Improve Mental Health Studies show being near trees can reduce stress levels by decreasing your blood pressure and slowing your heart rate. Protect Wildlife Trees provide a home and protection to animals. Help us Breathe Through photosynthesis, trees produce oxygen. Combat Climate Change Trees absorb carbon-dioxide and convert it to oxygen. Provide Shelter Trees provide […]


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