Solve the Top Five Problems That Put Buyers off Purchasing a Home

July 20, 2021

Most savvy buyers have a wish list of wants and needs and will rarely compromise on more than two of them. These suggestions will help to reduce the effect of some common problems.

1. Busy Roads

Avoid open homes and inspections during peak traffic times. You can also reduce noise with other noise – for example music or a water feature. Well placed hedges, fences and plants reduce noise.

2. Poor Views

Cover the view with a sheer or light curtain, allowing light in but distracting from the view. You can also use external screens such as plants. trellis or shutters.

3. Repairs and Renovations

Buyers often overestimate the cost of minor renovations. Organise quotes and provide these to the buyers.

4. Small Spaces

Reduce the amount or size of furniture in the room. Lighten floor and wall colours. Adding mirrors helps lighten and brighten a room and gives a feel of space.

5. Staging

Beautiful décor provides the wow factor. A good staging company will also decorate to stress the good and detract from the ugly.

problems that put buyers off from buying home

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